NFS is guided by one of the directive principles of the state, which emphasizes the ideal of national unity by maintaining the diversities in society through the promotion of language, literature, script, art and culture of all sections of the nation. NFS, with the goal of preserving and promoting the folklore and folk culture of the country          read more  

A Biannual Newsletter of NFS


Vol.1 December 2005

(Field study on the Gadharva folklore & folklife)


Vol.2, No.1, June 2006

(Field study on the Gopali folklore & folklife)


Vol.2 No.3, December, 2006

(Field study on the Athpahariya folklore & folklife)


Vol.3 No.4, June, 2007

(Field study on the Danuwar folklore & folklife)


Vol.3 No.5, December, 2007

(Field study on the Meches folklore & folklife)


Vol.3 No.6, June, 2008

(Field study on the Tharus folklore & folklife)




Every nation exists on its own identity, which is reflected in the typicality of its folklore and folk culture. The different groups of people living in Nepal have maintained their identities in terms of their own values and norms, beliefs, knowledge and experience, language and literature, arts etc          read more

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